Wolfenstein 2 alternate '60s timeline is 'absolutely fearless from a story perspective'

As you may have gathered from its reveal footage, Wolfenstein 2's interpretation of 1960s America doesn't exactly mirror reality. Having dealt with European occupation in the first game, the New Colossus heads Stateside with a pseudo technological twist—as is aptly detailed in the developer-led trailer below. 

First, here's creative director Jens Matthies on that premise: "I think what's interesting in America as a setting is that it's a country very much founded on the idea of freedom. So to have that be under totalitarian control, it's a very interesting juxtaposition. 

"The New Colossus takes place in 1961, but it's not like the 1960s that we have in the real world. Technology has advanced at an incredible rate meaning that primarily the Nazis, but also the Resistance, have access to technology that is basically futuristic."

And now for those moving pictures:

Matthies continues, suggesting he and his team have been given "amazing creative freedom" to create something that's "absolutely fearless from a story perspective."

"We're not dumbing things down," he adds. "I mean, we do a lot of dumb things, but that's because they're fun. It's never done in a way that's disrespectful to the world or the environment or the characters or the player."

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is due October 27, 2017.