The Witcher season 2 is 'deep' into post-production

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After 158 days of shooting, Netflix announced in early April that filming of The Witcher season two has wrapped. Today, showrunner Lauren Hissrich said the season is now "deep" into post-production.

"Back in London," wrote Hissrich on Twitter. "Back in the (small dark loud) rooms where it happens. That's right, we're deep into post-production on #TheWitcher S2, and I'm so fucking excited."

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Post-production, by definition, is all the work that continues after filming, such as editing, visual effect compositing, sound design, and sometimes reshoots, if needed.

Netflix hasn't announced a release date for The Witcher season 2 yet, except to say that it'll be out in 2021. Hissrich said the same in an early 2020 Reddit AMA. With the season currently "deep" into post production, it seems like a hittable target. December 2021 is probably a good guess for when the new season will be on Netflix, but we'll have to wait for an announcement before we can say the date for sure.

It's also nice to hear that Hissrich is "fucking excited" for her own show's season, even if she isn't an impartial observer. It's better than a showrunner being unenthusiastic, surely. "So fucking bored" wouldn't have been a good sign.

For more on the show, we've compiled everything we know about The Witcher season two's plot, cast, and production here. And if you want more Geralt before season two is out, here's where to start with the Witcher books.

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