Win a copy of Superhot and its new expansion Mind Control Delete

(Image credit: Superhot Team)

Superhot still feels as fresh as it did when it released in 2016. Time only moves when you do in this ultra-stylish world of pale backgrounds and crystalline enemies. Move carefully through webs of bullet trails as you take out each enemy using guns, thrown objects, and occasionally a katana.

Mind Control Delete is a standalone expansion that promises even more intense gunfights. Abilities and 'hacks' give you new ways to take out enemies as the waves become more intense with each run. An infinite mode provides the ultimate test of your skills, but I think I'm more excited about the instant replay feature. Superhot's fights look amazing, and deserve to be replayed, giffed, and shared.

We have 10,000 keys to give away this week, courtesy of Each key will grant you a free copy of both Superhot and Mind Control Delete, which is due to leave Early Access on July 16.

To enter the contest, follow the instructions in the widget below. Keys will be sent out on July 17 once the giveaway closes.

Giveaways operate according to Future PLC's terms and conditions.

Tom Senior

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