Here's when Wild Hearts releases in your timezone and when you can start the EA Play First trial

Wild Hearts combat
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Wild Hearts is EA & Koei Tecmo's take on Monster Hunter: smash giant mythological beasts with giant swords, then use their body parts to make even better swords to smash their friends with. Nature's beautiful, isn't it? 

Wild Hearts releases today, February 13—but with a catch. Only EA Play subscribers get early access, while everyone else has to wait until February 13 for the full release. And that full release will vary by timezone and platform, too. It's a bit complicated, so here's what you need to know to jump into Wild Hearts as soon as possible.

Wild Hearts release times

Wild Hearts releases on February 13 for EA Play subscribers beginning at 7 am PT (15:00 UTC). It'll be available at that time on both PC and consoles.

The full game won't be accessible, though. The February 13 release is just the EA Play First trial, which is available if you pay $5 per month (or $30 a year) for an EA Play subscription, or if you're a Game Pass Ultimate member. The Play First trial lets you play the opening bits of Wild Hearts, leading to your arrival at the game's hub city Minato. You could spend several hours exploring the opening zone, but the missions that lead you to Minato will only take an hour or two to complete.

Here's the EA Play First Trial release time in a few more timezones:

  • New York: 10 am ET
  • London: 3 pm GMT
  • Paris: 4 pm CET

Wild Hearts' full release is February 16 at 7 am PT on PC. That's the exact same time as the trial version listed above, just three days later.

However, the console version of Wild Hearts has a separate launch time—it'll go live at midnight in each timezone on February 17th. So when midnight arrives in your timezone, you'll be able to hop in. That means lucky players in Australia will have a significant headstart on some other timezones. Try not to hold it against them when you party up for a hunt. 

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