Why be Spider-Man when you could be the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Marvel's Spider-Man: Remastered has already given us some unexpected, funny mods. I figured that would end sooner rather than later as people got tired and moved on. I figured wrong. You can now be Raphael, Leonardo, Michelangelo, or Donatello in Marvel's Spider-Man.

That's right, kids: You can fight crime in New York as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Heroes in a half shell. Turtle power.

Modder SpaceDasher has given us this creation, replacing four of Spider-Man's outfits with skins of the four turtles. I'll suggest, as the modder clearly implies, that you go ahead and load these up for the levels that take place in subway tunnels and sewers.

In a way, as you can see in the video above or on YouTube, it's a real testament to how the animation work that Insomniac developers did fits the agile fighting style of a comic book character like the Turtles or Spider-Man. The tuck-roll jumps, leaps and slides, spinning kicks, and leg-lock grabs fit the Turtle models so well that the only thing that really feels out of place is all the web-shooting.

I gotta say, though, that this really emphasizes how goofy the Turtles' feet are. They're huge. Just like, giant floppy two-toed, pizza-slice shaped slap-happy flippers on the end of their legs. They bend at the weirdest angles. I say flippers on purpose man how can they even walk with those feet.

You can find the TMNT mod for Marvel's Spider-Man: Remastered on Nexusmods. To use it you'll also have to download the invaluable SMPC Modding Tool.

Oddly, the turtles aren't the first green thing we've seen modded into Marvel's Spider-Man: You can play as Kermit the Frog too.

This is the second time I've cared about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles this year, after they got that million-selling Shredder's Revenge game released. Dominic Tarason called it "an absolute joy to look at and listen to" in the PC Gamer TMNT: Shredder's Revenge review.

Oh, and remember to be respectful: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are gods, after all. Or at least able to battle them on an even playing field. I shudder to revisit the concept.

Jon Bolding is a games writer and critic with an extensive background in strategy games. When he's not on his PC, he can be found playing every tabletop game under the sun.