Which university should you choose in The Sims 4?

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Which Sims 4 university should you attend? Two colleges, both alike in dignity, in fair Britechester, where we lay our scene—okay, you might not study Shakespeare at either of the Sims 4 new colleges in Discover University, but both are respectable institutions to help your sims to expand their knowledge and get a headstart on their careers—whether your sim has an affinity for art or a knack for programming, both cater toward a variety of skills, interests, and personalities.

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You can choose your Sims 4 college based on how the campus looks, since both offer the same degrees. But if you're the over-achieving type, you might want to choose your college based on what distinguished degrees they offer. Anyone can get into college if they apply, but only the best of the best can get a distinguished degree. 

Getting a degree before you enter the workforce lets you start your chosen career at a mid-level with a signing bonus; your daily pay, job performance, and vacation days are also increased. But if you earn a distinguished degree, you start your career at a high level. So, if you have a career goal in mind for your sim, getting a distinguished degree will get them to the top faster.

University of Britechester

The University of Britechester is your Ivy League-esque college, complete with bricked-facade buildings strewn with ivy. It has a long and esteemed educational history, teaching students from all walks of life, even royals. Well-known for its humanities programs, creative minds and book lovers will get the most from a Britechester education.

Career paths based on degree, regular or distinguished:

  • Art History: Arts Critic, Patron of the Arts, Trend Setter
  • Communications: Charity Organizer, Journalist, Management
  • Culinary Arts: Chef, Food Critic
  • Drama: Actress, Comedian, Internet Personality
  • Fine Arts: Freelance Artist, Master of the Real, Musician, Stylist
  • History: Judge, Officer, Politician
  • Language and Literature: Author, Freelance Writer, Private Attorney

Foxbury Institute

Foxbury is known for molding the minds of future tech entrepreneurs and criminal masterminds. It's the newer of the two colleges and its distinct architecture is defined by sharp geometric lines. If you want to create the next big thing in tech—or steal it—you go to Foxbury.

Career paths based on degree, regular or distinguished:

  • Biology: Bodybuilder, Doctor, Marine Biologist
  • Computer Science: Computer Engineer, Freelance Programmer, Oracle, Start-up Entrepreneur
  • Economics: Administrator, Environmental Manager, Investor
  • Physics: Mechanical Engineer, Scientist, Space Ranger
  • Psychology: Covert Operator, Detective, Diamond Agent, Professor
  • Vilinary: Boss, Interstellar Smuggler, Villain

Note that not all career paths will be available with the base game or Discover University. You must own the appropriate pack to have access to some of these careers. For example, Marine Biologist requires the Island Living expansion pack and Critic careers require City Living.

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