Where to find every Skeleton Throne in Sea of Thieves

In a recent Sea of Thieves update, Rare added a little scavenger hunt to the game—and it isn't an easy one. Daring pirates who want to discover the locations of the 10 hidden Skeleton Thrones on their own should stop reading after the next section, which provides an overview of how to find the thrones and what they do. If you're short on pirating time, though, scroll down for the locations of each throne.

What are Skeleton Thrones?

Skeleton Thrones are literal thrones scattered across Sea of Thieves' islands.  There's no wave combat to do like with the Skeleton Forts—they're just uncomfortable-looking chairs you can activate by using the 'sit' emote while you're standing on one.

Sitting on one of the small thrones awards you a Bilge Rats commendation and doubloons, which can be spent with the fellow who hangs out at the pubs for weapons, gold, and letters of recommendation that increase your reputation with the other factions. The same is true of the large thrones, but you'll have to sit on them with a player from another crew to activate them, making them significantly more difficult.

If you want to find the thrones on your own, check the Bilge Rat commendations for hints. If you'd rather do it the easy way, spoilers below. Note that once you've found a throne, getting to it is tricky—usually you'll have to use a cannon on your ship or on the island to launch yourself to an otherwise unreachable outcropping.

Where are the Skeleton Thrones?

Dandysan has posted the location of all the thrones on Reddit, and we went on a little excursion over the weekend to confirm the locations. Here's where to look:

Shipwreck Bay — Large — The small island on the northern side.
Plunder Outpost — Large — On the eastern cliff ledge.
Marauder's Arch — Large — The top of the south side.
Cannon Cove — Large — In a hole at the highest point.
Smuggler's Bay — Large — On an offshore rock.
Thieves' Haven — Small — A rock on the eastern side.
Devil's Ridge — Small — On the north side, beneath the ridge (which is really more of a point).
Hidden Spring Keep — Small — At the top.
Grid N10 — Small — This one is underwater, in the center of an uncharted ring island. Swim through the tunnel (a very long way) to find it.
Mermaid's Hideaway — Small — An isolated peak on the south side. There's a cannon there to launch yourself over to it.

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