What's your best in-game Halloween look?

A screenshot of Stevie's Halloween character in The Sims 4.
(Image credit: EA)

Given that Halloween parties are inadvisable this year, we're relying on our in-game wardrobes to get into the spirit. Take PC Gamer community manager Stevie's sim above, for example. The giant grin isn't exactly spooky (seems quite friendly, actually), but you can tell that she dabbles in the dark arts because there's a cauldron in the background, and cauldrons are a top three witch item, along with brooms and pointy hats.

Share your Halloween character or build over in this PC Gamer forum thread by Wednesday, and you'll have a chance to win a small prize: a PC Gamer tote bag or coffee mug. It doesn't have to be a costume, necessarily. Anything creepy, or more-or-less Halloween-ey, that you've put together in a game is welcome. A haunted house made in Minecraft qualifies, for example.

You can also share your in-game Halloween look or creation in the comments here, though the competition will only take into consideration what's posted in the forum thread. For my part, I always keep horns on my Rocket League car:

(Image credit: Psyonix)

I guess it's not really a Halloween look if it's always like that, but maybe I just live in a perpetual Halloween mood? 

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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