Bethesda continues to tease what increasingly looks like Rage 2

Update 2: Another day, another tease. This time, Bethesda's posted a picture of a bunch of beardy boys going on a tour... but what's that? Could it be a Rage cosplayer in the queue. It certainly looks like it. 

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We expect to learn more on May 14, but Bethesda might not be done Twitter teasing yet. 

Update: Another strange tweet has appeared on the Bethesda feed, bearing the same shade of pink and "5-14" numerics but otherwise having no obvious connection to the Big Ben tweet from earlier today.

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It's reasonable to assume that Bethesda is going to keep this up for awhile, so keep an eye on its Twitter account if you want to follow along.

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Bethesda tweeted an image of Big Ben today, the hands of the famous clock painted pink and leaving a bright smear as they travel across the face. What does it mean?

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Well, let's talk about the possibilities. The pink certainly could be a reference to Rage 2: just yesterday, after Walmart potentially spoiled a bunch of E3 game announcements by posting a list of upcoming games, Rage's twitter posted a correction in bright pink, which is most likely confirmation that Rage 2 is on the way. Is London the setting of Rage 2?

The clock's pink hands are poised at 5:14, which might translate to a date: May 14. That's this coming Monday, so this tweet could be a pre-announcement to an upcoming announcement. Maybe we'll get a trailer for Rage 2 on Monday?

So, our money is on a Rage 2 announcement, but what else could it mean? A new game set in London? An old series (Fallout) set in London? Skyrim will be playable on Apple Watch? It's time for more Brink?

If you've got better theories, let us know.

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