What did you play last week?

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Fraser Brown has been playing Crusader Kings 3, which has a strong roleplaying element. You have to consider the character you've established as part of your strategy. Act in ways that are inconsistent with your personality and values, and it'll cause problems. Interesting problems, of course. 

Christopher Livingston has also been playing Crusader Kings 3, only he's not so deep into it. Instead, he's been messing about with some of the mods that are already available, including one that adds more customization options. Which is why he can't stop making extremely tall rulers with eyepatches rather than actually playing the game.

Harry Shepherd has been playing Tilted Taxis, a limited-time mode in Fortnite that uses its recently added vehicles to recreate Crazy Taxi. Minus the soundtrack, it's all there. Pick people up, drive dangerously, grab pick-ups, drop them off at their destination. Only difference is, another player might come along with a grappler and gank you. 

Tim Clark is playing Destiny 2 again—I mean 'still'. Much of his recent playtime has been spent earning the Conqueror title by beating all six Grandmaster Nightfalls with his teammates, which sounds hard as nails even though I don't understand what fully half of Destiny 2's capitalized guff actually means. It's still inspirational, reading about a group of friends achieving something like this. Maybe I should convince my Vermintide 2 squad to work our way up to Skittergate on Cataclysm? 

I've been playing Wasteland 3, an RPG I was glad to realize lets you decide how long it is. I've heard people boasting they beat it in thirtysomething hours, though I assume they skipped through all the dialogue and maybe played on easy, while others are approaching 100. My own 47-hour playthrough felt like exactly the duration I wanted, and knowing I could have kept going means I'll probably be back some day.

Enough about us. What about you? Have you been commanding dieselpunk mechs in Iron Harvest, or playing vaporwave detective in Paradise Killer? Have you tried Dontnod's latest episodic adventure, Tell Me Why? Let us know!

Jody Macgregor
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