What did you play last week?

Sea of Thieves Dogs
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Chris Livingston has been checking out the Sea of Thieves update that adds dogs. Sure, it adds other stuff too, but it's hard to go past the pet dogs. Chris has a whippet named Jasper, who seems like a very good boy. In fact, I'd say he puts the new voyages, treasure vaults, and other additions to shame.

Andy Kelly played Peril on Gorgon, the recently released expansion for The Outer Worlds. It sends you to a new planet for a mission chain involving failed science experiments with a bit of a BioShock vibe, though in the end it's really just more of the same corporate satire The Outer Worlds already delivers, for better or worse.

Fraser Brown is checking out some of the many Crusader Kings 3 mods that have already been released. There's a Vampire: The Masquerade total conversion, for instance, just like there was for Crusader Kings 2, as well as one that takes everyone back to the Bronze Age. 

Alistair Jones has gone further into the weeds of Wasteland 3 character builds than I did. I maxed out everyone's Speed to get the most action points, but my preference is to recruit every interesting companion I can to wring the maximum amount of story out of them. If you're aiming more for efficiency Alistair has got you covered.

Khee Hoon Chan has been playing Gujian 3, the Chinese RPG comparable in its sprawl to a Witcher or Final Fantasy game. It's got acrobatic martial arts combat, base-building and crafting, with your own farm to tend, and hours of epic storytelling. Thank goodness this game got an English translation, though since it's sold over 1.3 million copies, perhaps that's not so surprising.

Enough about us. What about you? Have you been playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2, or Marvel's Avengers? Maybe you've been trying multiplayer betray-em-up Among Us? Let us know!

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