What did you play last week?

The Mordhau hole has claimed several victims around here, including Samuel Horti and Morgan Park. While Samuel's been experimenting with builds, Morgan's dived into the world of duel servers. I'm fascinated by the sound of these polite one-on-one murder arenas, and if or when I finally bite the bullet and join in this will be how I play.

Chris Livingston played American Fugitive, a new top-down homage to Grand Theft Auto (it even says WASTED when you die) that is reminiscent of the earlier games in the series. He's been enjoying his acts of burglary but found it a bit jarring that the plot has you trying to prove your innocence even as you kill 100 cops.

Fraser Brown has been playing Total War: Three Kingdoms and getting deep into its excellent diplomacy systems. They're my favorite part of Three Kingdoms, the one area that shows clear improvement over the rest of the series even if the actual battles and the campaign climax feel a bit like steps back from Shogun 2.

I've been playing Metro Exodus, which is fine in a B-grade Half-Life 2 kind of way. There's some good stealth bits in it, and I've finally got up to the forest where a society of kids playing pirate are pursued by a bear. This is the kind of wackiness I can get behind, and I hope there's more of it.

Wes Fenlon played Pew Dew Redemption, the game that casts you as Pewdiepie, because I guess someone had to. I'm always curious when I see games like this pop up in Steam's new and trending section or wherever, and I'm glad somebody made the sacrifice of actually sitting down to play it so I could learn it is absurd but kind of fine at the same time.

Enough about us. What did you play last week? Has Steam's spring cleaning event inspired you to clear out some of the backlog? Have you headed to Elsweyr in the new Elder Scrolls Online expansion? Let us know!

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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