What did you play last week?

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Rachel Watts played Temtem, which is currently in alpha. It's "Pokemon but an MMO", turning a bunch of those other trainers on the world map into other actual humans with their own collections of virtual beasts/cuties. I haven't played a Pokemon game since I emulated the first one to see what the fuss was about, but I've been watching my girlfriend play Pokemon Sword on her Switch and it's made me want my own gang of tiny weirdos.

Christopher Livingston is still playing Red Dead Online, but might not be for much longer if it doesn't stop glitching out. Bugs like the disappearing camp, infinite loading screens, vanishing NPCs at the moonshine shack, and the stuck horse all sound pretty annoying and when they happen constantly it can really suck the fun out of a game you're otherwise enjoying.

System Shock

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Alex Wiltshire went back to the original System Shock, a game that doesn't always receive the credit its due thanks how improved its sequel was. Still, it's a fascinating look back at the origins of the immersive sim and a good reason to look forward to the remake—which will hopefully have better hacking.

Steven Messner played Escape from Tarkov, the latest step in an evolutionary tree that began with DayZ. He's come out of it with some good stories about limping and bleeding and wheezing, whether he survives to the end or not.

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Coincidentally, in the same week Tom wrote about having trouble finishing RPGs, I finally made it to the end of Baldur's Gate. After losing count of the number of times I've started it over the years I've only now made it to a wildly disappointing ending, watching an NPC defeat the final villain while I was trapped by a spell that immobilized me and most of my party for several agonizing minutes of real time. At least I've got Baldur's Gate 2 to look forward to, and I've got much fonder memories of that.

Enough about us, what about you? Have you been playing DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT or Monster Hunter World: Iceborne? Has anyone tried Super Crush KO, Avicii Invector, or The White Door? Let us know!

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