What did you play last week?

Christopher Livingston has been playing Spellbreak, a game about wizards combining elements to make cool spell effects that looks kind of like Magicka but battle royale. He likes it but at the same time wishes there was more to do with the cool magic than just play last man standing. I too would love to see this magic system in an RPG or any genre that isn't about bunny-hopping multiplayer antics.

James Davenport played Devotion, a horror game set in 1980s Taiwan. His writeup avoided the big spoilers and made it sound spooky and sad in equal measure, which is a good space for family horror to occupy. Maybe a bit like The Babadook? I dunno, I haven't played Devotion but after reading about it I sure want to. 

Shaun Prescott, done with Metro Exodus, has been enjoying Crackdown 3 as a palate cleanser: "To be utterly engrossed in an RPG or first-person shooter campaign is incredible, of course, and being fully immersed in a story and a world is definitely one of the reasons I enjoy games. But I equally enjoy any game I can play with only a fraction of my attention." Crackdown 3 is the kind of game you can play while listening to podcasts, but don't let the angry internet men hear you say that. Videogames are Serious Business, remember. 

Our resident fps expert Evan Lahti has been playing Apex Legends and is way better at it than I'll ever be, as this clip shows. He's put together a tier list of the characters which I like because my main Lifeline is at the top. Although I did get my squad wiped once by summoning her ultimate in an open, indefensible area where six other players swamped us. 

Meanwhile, I've gone back to Skyrim Special Edition to see what the mods for it are like. Some of my favorite OG Skyrim mods have been ported over, so I've been playing Legacy of the Dragonborn and Moonpath to Elsweyr again. I realize it's odd to be playing Skyrim again in 2019 but since I gave up on Anthem suddenly I have all this free time. Recommend me new or obscure mods if you know of any good ones.

Enough about us. What did you play last week, readers? Has anyone tried first-person art game Eastshade? Did you take advantage of the Battletech free weekend? Let us know!

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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