What did you play last week?

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Fraser Brown played A Total War Saga: Troy for our review, although now he's finished that he says he'll be going back to Three Kingdoms or Warhammer 2 instead of replaying it. Still, a one-and-done campaign isn't necessarily a bad thing. I haven't been back to Total War: Napoleon, but I remember it being a real good time.

Tom Senior has been playing Flashback, a 1992 side-scrolling classic that has power to impress even today. That's due in part to its worldbuilding, but also its rotoscoped animations and some impressive puzzle design. Plus, it had Death Tower.

Chris Livingston has been playing Scrutinized, which is both the kind of mystery game where you use a virtual desktop to investigate people, and a Five Nights at Freddy's frightener. Fortunately for Chris, you can turn off the horror stuff in the settings and concentrate on being a detective, which is the kind of sensible difficulty personalization I can get behind.

Morgan Park has been playing Modern Warfare and Warzone, but he may not be for much longer if they don't cool it with the constant huge patches, and that 200GB install size. I thought Vermintide 2 took up a lot of space (mainly down to the fact it needs to have all the DLC maps installed even if you don't own them since you can play them with your friends who do), but even that's only taking up 93 GB of my SSD.

Emma Matthews has been playing the demo for Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2, which is currently a preorder bonus. Which sounds more like a beta than a demo, but what do I know. It lets you play a warehouse level with plenty of grindable rails and graffitied ramps, with a reactive soundtrack that amps up as you chain together long combos, and it does actually sound pretty sweet.

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Wes Fenlon has been playing Risk of Rain 2, a roguelike where the item combinations get pretty wild. We're talking needles on your head for the boost to attack speed, and a bunch of other stuff strapped to random body parts all interacting and buffing each other. Get the right combo of loot, and some real big numbers are guaranteed to fly out of the bad guys.

Enough about us. What about you? Have you been playing Factorio, which has now hit 1.0? Or Fall Guys, which thanks to its two editions is currently the number one and number two best-selling games on Steam? Let us know!

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