Factorio finally leaves Early Access after 4 years

After four years of Early Access updates and more than eight years after its successful Indiegogo campaign, Factorio has finally hit 1.0. Before you start building your sprawling, resource-gobbling industrial complexes, take a look at the launch trailer above. 

If you've been following its journey to launch, you might remember that developer Wube Software decided to move up the release date from September 25 to August 14 so it wouldn't overlap with Cyberpunk 2077. That was before CD Projekt Red decided to delay it for a second time, until November 18. 

The rush to get it out a month early does mean that the 1.0 build is still a bit on the buggy side. According to Wube, there are around 150 reported bugs and 80 internal tasks that still need to be tackled, but they're apparently smaller issues rather than critical ones. You can see the known issues and current bug reports on the official forum. They'll hopefully be dealt with in the 1.1 update, which will focus on fixes and "filling the most obvious gaps" rather than adding new stuff. 

Factorio was pretty much feature-complete already—though Wube was also planning a campaign and some UI improvements that have been cut—so the 1.0 update hasn't introduced much in the way of new stuff, with the exception of the intimidating Spidertron mech. It's a handy monstrosity, and you can see it in action in this test video from npc_strider. 

Here are the full patch notes: 


  • Added Spidertron and Spidertron remote
  • Added Freeplay crash site


  • Added polluted water visual effect
  • Added biter base decoratives
  • New visual effects for the atomic bomb


  • Significantly reduced the volume of robots deconstructing and entity destroyed alert
  • Reverted mining drill sound to the 0.17 version with high pitched part removed
  • Reverted inserter, furnace and assembling machine sounds to the 0.17 version
  • Changed the checkbox click sound (based on dropdown open sound)
  • Changed the "green button sound" to have a normal button sound


  • Added EnemySpawnerPrototype and TurretPrototype properties: spawn_decoration and spawn_decoration_on_expansion
  • EntityPrototype water_reflection can now be defined inside graphics_set
  • Added ExplosionPrototype properties: Explosion prototype: scale_animation_speed, fade_in_duration, fade_out_duration, scale_in_duration, scale_out_duration, scale_end, scale_increment_per_tick, scale_initial, scale_initial_deviation, scale, and scale_deviation
  • ParticleSourcePrototype particle is now optional, added smoke property
  • Added ProjectilePrototype properties: speed_modifier and turning_speed_increases_exponentially_with_projectile_speed
  • Added LightDefinitionItem::source_orientation_offset
  • Added DecorativePrototype::decal_overdraw_priority
  • Added AreaTriggerItem::show_in_tooltip
  • Added 'set-tile' and 'camera-effect' trigger effects
  • Added CreateDecorativesTriggerEffectItem properties: apply_projection and spread_evenly
  • Added CreateExplosionTriggerEffectItem properties: max_movement_distance, inherit_movement_distance_from_projectile and cycle_while_moving
  • Added DamageTriggerEffectItem properties: vaporize, lower_distance_threshold, upper_distance_threshold, lower_damage_modifier and upper_damage_modifier
  • Added PlaySoundTriggerEffectItem properties: min_distance, max_distance, volume_modifier, audible_distance_modifier and play_on_target_position
  • Added ProjectileAttackParameters::projectile_orientation_offset
  • Added build_blueprint_small, build_blueprint_medium and build_blueprint_large to utility sounds
  • Renamed build_big utility sound to build_large


  • Added LuaEntity::autopilot_destination, vehicle_automatic_targeting_parameters and time_to_next_effect read/write
  • Added LuaItemStack::connected_entity read/write
  • Added LuaEntity::is_entity_with_force, is_entity_with_owner and is_entity_with_health read
  • Added LuaEntity::spawn_decorations()
  • Added on_cutscene_cancelled, on_player_configured_spider_remote and on_player_used_spider_remote events
  • Added optional spawn_decorations parameter to LuaGameScript::create_entity

Factorio 1.0 is out now on Steam and GOG for £21/$30, and you can take a demo for a spin before you commit to turning the world into one big factory.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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