We’re giving away 20 Dauntless Founder's Alpha codes to PC Gamer Club members (Updated)

 Update: The codes are out in the wild. Thanks for being a part of the PC Gamer Club! 

Back in January, Tom Marks described Dauntless as “the PC Monster Hunter game we’ve been waiting for” and it still holds true, even if Monster Hunter: World is making our way eventually too. The developers themselves believe the two games can co-exist, especially with Dauntless launching as a cooperative-focused free-to-play option by the end of the year. 

Decide for yourself by taking a stab at Dauntless yourself. We’re giving out Dauntless Alpha codes to 20 lucky PC Gamer Club members subscribed to the Legendary tier. The code gives access to the alpha immediately, and ongoing access to every beta until the game eventually launches.

To get access to Dauntless today, you’d need to pay $80 for a Founder's Alpha Pack, which is worth it to the biggest enthusiasts. Once the beta launches on September 1, that price goes down to a $40 minimum for entry, but for those that can’t quite afford the temporary price point or would rather try before they buy, a PC Gamer Club membership at the Legendary tier is a much safer route to take.

How to hunt down a Dauntless Alpha key

Whether you get a key or not, a Legendary PC Gamer Club membership is a win. For $5 a month you get an ad-free experience on the site, free game keys every month, a digital PC Gamer magazine subscription, a digital copy of the PC Gamer RPG Handbook, and access to the PC Gamer Club Discord server. It’s a cozy place to hang out and play games with the editorial staff and fellow PC gamers—plus, members and staff alike love handing out their extra game keys there. Those Humble Bundles overfloweth. 

If Dauntless doesn’t sound like your thing, maybe early access to the Destiny 2 PC beta is. We’re giving out 50 codes to Legendary members, so if you subscribe, you’re automatically entered in both giveaways. More beta key giveaways are on the horizon, and a Club membership means you’ll have first access. We’re always looking for more surprise goodies to hand out to PC Gamer Club members, and more are on the way very soon. 

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