We have 50 keys for Dead in Vinland to give away

Despite the name, you're not supposed to die in Dead in Vinland (opens in new tab). It's an unusual turn-based survival RPG and management game in which you guide a family of Vikings through day-to-day life (and death) on a mysterious island. 

There's a lot trying to kill you in Vinland, including exhaustion, depression, dehydration, and starvation—it even boasts '30 diseases and 20 wounds'—but that's just the start of the game. Dead in Vinland includes 14 characters, lots of time to chat with them (and spark romances), 70 quests, as well as turn-based combat. 

It's a damn big game, and developer CCCP (interesting name!) has kindly offered us 50 Steam keys for the full game to give away to our readers, and another 50 for PC Gamer Club (opens in new tab) members. If you're a member, check the Discord #giveaways channel later today for an extra chance at one. 

To enter the general drawing, hit the link below to pop open the entry form. Just enter your email address, and tomorrow, April 26, at 12 pm PDT, 50 winners will be randomly selected and emailed codes.

Click here to enter (opens in new tab)

Note that Godankey won't keep your email address after the giveaway, and we won't see it. For more on Dead in Vinland, check out the Steam page (opens in new tab) and the trailer below.

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