Watch us roleplay in Ark: Survival Evolved's largest RP server

Dinosaurs aren't the only thing that's big about Ark: Survival Evolved, there's a massive community of roleplayers trying to survive on The Island too. This afternoon I'll be diving into one of Ark's largest roleplaying servers to explore exactly why a game with a dedicated poop button has become a haven for roleplaying, and I want you to join me. At 3 pm PST on Twitch, I'll stop being Steven and become Lazarus, a weary traveller from an alternate dimension, who finds himself trapped on one of the largest Ark roleplaying servers, TwitchRP. With thousands of players, TwitchRP is a hardcore community that has built a reputation as one of the most dedicated roleplaying communities around. Seriously, even breaking character once can result in a ban.

For several hours, I'll attempt to survive and interact with the locals completely in-character, a stranger in a strange land, to see what's so appealing about roleplaying in a survival sandbox. To be honest, I'm not sure what to expect. Will the locals accept me with open arms? Or will Lazarus have to revisit his tortured and bloody past in order to live among those surviving in this jurassic jungle? TwitchRP allows PvP, so I'm expecting I'll have at least a little bit of blood on my hands before my journey is done. Whatever happens, I'll be finding out at 3 pm PST on Twitch.

If you're unable to join me live, don't sweat it. Later this week we'll be publishing an article recounting my experiences and exploring why the Ark roleplaying community has become one of the largest of its kind. 

Steven Messner

With over 7 years of experience with in-depth feature reporting, Steven's mission is to chronicle the fascinating ways that games intersect our lives. Whether it's colossal in-game wars in an MMO, or long-haul truckers who turn to games to protect them from the loneliness of the open road, Steven tries to unearth PC gaming's greatest untold stories. His love of PC gaming started extremely early. Without money to spend, he spent an entire day watching the progress bar on a 25mb download of the Heroes of Might and Magic 2 demo that he then played for at least a hundred hours. It was a good demo.