Watch the world's best StarCraft II players at Major League Gaming Raleigh live now

Hey you, internetter! If you're reading this on Sunday evening, you're just in time to catch the planet's best professional StarCraft II players at Major League Gaming's Raleigh finals. If that sounds interesting - and it sure does to me - then have a look at the stream above. Some quick background of who's left and who's playing who below the cut: people who've got family over for the weekend who inexplicably don't play games and are instead waiting for the VODs and killing people who spoil the winner for them (hello!), might want to avoid looking below.

It's only Korean players left over on the two StarCraft II streams - the red stream being commentated by friend-of-PC Gamer Day[9] and Husky, the blue stream by GSL casters Artosis and Tasteless. To choose between the two, pop over to either the Red or Blue steams on the MLG site.

Earlier today, we saw the first MLG League of Legends champions - congratulations to Counter Logic Gaming, who took the championship at the game's first MLG outing.