Watch the PC Gaming World Congress from PAX Prime 2013

Last Friday at PAX Prime in Seattle, we gathered four of PC gaming's most important people—from left to right: Chris Taylor (GM, Wargaming Seattle), Jon Mavor (Co-Founder, Uber Entertainment), Chris Roberts (Founder, Cloud Imperium Games), and Dean Hall (Creator, DayZ, Bohemia Interactive)—for a discussion on the state of PC gaming. Now, through the magic of streaming video, you too can watch these four titans talk about what they love, what they want, and where they predict our dear hobby is going.

Executive Editor Evan Lahti moderates the panel, which filled the house to capacity with a fantastic crowd of enthusiastic PC gamers (thank you all for coming!). Watch the hour-long discussion below, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more moving pixels to come.

2:40 — On the eve of new console launches, what are the greatest strengths of PC gaming?

5:00 — What's the next big thing in PC gaming?

9:50 — For how long will PC gaming be "Windows gaming?"

11:15 — What are the challenges of keeping a PC gaming-focused studio afloat in 2013?

26:50 — What's left to be done to address piracy on PC?

30:00 — Do you see any downside to aggressive game sales?

33:30 — Has the trend of selling pre-release versions of games changed the way you make games?

37:10 — Audience questions


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