Watch seven minutes of Rage 2 gameplay in an extended QuakeCon trailer

Bethesda unveiled a lengthy new Rage 2 gameplay trailer during today's QuakeCon keynote, showcasing some of the game's factions, settlements, weapons, and vehicles. The action begins in a swampy wetlands, home to a familiar face from the first game—a little more weathered now than you might remember—and leads through an intense convoy battle to the ruins of the Eden Space Center—which, sorry to say, has been overrun by bandits. 

Some of the action was previously seen at E3 but the new video ties it all together in a way that more clearly shows off Rage 2's mission structure, and I think it looks really promising. You can only tell so much from a gameplay trailer, but the influence of Avalanche seems front and center, and its "mastery of open-world insanity" will hopefully make for a far better game than the original. 

Rage 2 is currently slated to come out in the first half of 2019. Here's the rundown of everything we know about it.

Andy Chalk

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