Watch Dogs trailer shows off Season Pass content, explosion-happy protagonist

Watch Dogs Season Pass

As a fellow hacker-warrior in Watch Dogs , T-Bone has a special complementary relationship to gruff nerd Aiden Pearce's vigilantism. Where Pearce douses for critical data within ctOS's sprawling net, T-Bone taps a few keys on his phone and blows up a bunch of cars. When Pearce draws heat from the law and kills power to a city block to sneak away, T-Bone shoots at a bunch of cop cars. Which blow up. I'm sensing a pattern here—and I'm sure there's more to T-Bone beyond detonations and dreadlocks—but finding out more means nabbing the $20/£12 Season Pass for the single-player DLC, as Ubisoft's latest trailer reveals.

T-Bone seems like an outcast from a Grand Theft Auto game, ranting to Pearce with the air of someone gripped by conspiracy theory before jumping into a car and wreaking havoc on the streets. As Tyler touched upon in his preview , the Season Pass content looks like it's trying to simultaneously deliver a story-driven episode and another outlet for just running around and causing chaos in Chicago. I'd like to know more about T-Bone and how he got involved with Pearce—or I can switch on They Live mode and start zapping disguised robo-civilians. At least that's a bit more subtle than giant spiders .

Watch Dogs and its Season Pass launches on May 27. Until then, take note of its system requirements and reliance on Uplay .

Omri Petitte

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