Watch Dogs trailer explains why there's a spider-tank, also other stuff

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft are doing another one of their '101 trailers', where they painstakingly explain one of the their upcoming games. This time, it's Watch Dogs. Across the 10-minute video, you'll learn about hacking, see a range of multiplayer modes, hear the line "T-Bone doesn't plays by his own rules", and find out what the hell is up with the bizarre spider-tank thing .

The only thing the trailer doesn't explain is why Ubisoft have felt the need to release so many editions of the game. As explained by an amazing, but now removed, Wikipedia chart , there are nine editions of the game available across various platforms—each one containing and omitting various pre-order bonuses and DLCs.

Watch Dogs is out May 27th. For more on the game, check out Tyler's recent preview .

Phil Savage

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