Watch Dogs mod updated with ultra texture stuttering fix and patch support

What started as an experiment to reintroduce Watch Dogs' deactivated E3 2012 presentation effects is quickly growing into a full graphics overhaul. The inaccurately named TheWorse Mod has been updated to version 0.8, bringing a number of improvements. New for this release is a much needed option to vary depth-of-field strength, compatibility with Ubisoft's recent patch, and a fix that enables 'Ultra' setting textures without the accompanied stuttering.

The mod's texture patch comes courtesy of MaLDo, the wizard responsible for enhancing Crysis 2 . It updates Watch Dogs' 'High' texture setting to use 'Ultra' textures without mipmaps, thereby reducing the stuttering effect that can happen on GPUs with 2GB of VRAM.

Here's a changelist for what's new in v0.8:

  • Choose if you want a light DOF, a strong DOF, or to be Default (disabled)
  • Choose different bloom presets (E3 Bloom, Light Bloom or Default)
  • Choose different types of colour grading (E3, Default, Red-Ish or Blue-Ish)
  • Choose if you want default lensflares, anamorphic lensflares or SpotLight Volumes (volumetric light)
  • Use a texture patch made by MalDo (Thank you so much!) for reducing stuttering!
  • Headlight shadows have been fixed
  • Lighting have been changed
  • Pharmacy Lighting has been slightly changed.
  • E3 Wind environment added
  • Particle respawn time reduced to be able to see more fog and smoke in streets.
  • Problems and Bugs related to HDR should be fixed
  • Fully integrated to Ubisoft's patch (No effects or shaders have been disabled)
  • Included several high textures from the game to be used instead of low quality ones.
  • Rain, bloom, ssao changes

Even more effects are planned for the future, with TheWorse stating that the mod isn't to be treated as fully working until its v1.0 release.