Watch Dogs mod enables "E3 2012" visual effects, improves performance

It's becoming an increasingly common practice: taking a recently released PC port, and working to improve its visual fidelity. What makes Watch Dogs slightly different is its own pre-release media. Specifically, its 2012 reveal, which promised a level of fidelity and shiny visual effects that the final release couldn't match.

Not without mods, that is. A new work-in-progress "E3 Bloom" mod not only introduces more dramatic lighting, but also comes with performance improvements, stuttering tweaks and depth-of-field effects.

"After studying how bin hex worked and downloading many tools to convert files etc, I was able to integrate and enable many effects," explains mod creator "TheWorse". Essentially, he's saying that the effects were already supported by files contained within the engine, and which, with the right tweaks, can be easily reintroduced back into the game.

The mod's creator says of the next release that it will contain "many more things and fix more problems," suggesting there's more the engine can achieve. To download the mod, head to its Guru3D thread . Or, if that's still down, grab the 0.6 version directly .

Phil Savage

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