Watch Dogs Legion has beekeepers that can summon swarms of 'nano bees'

When it comes to Watch Dogs Legion we've been talking about how incredibly useful construction workers can be and how unlikely you are to come across a grandmother who is also a spy

That leaves just one question remaining: what about beekeepers?

London has beekeepers too, and silly as it sounds you might want to think about recruiting one to fight against the forces of evil and tyranny. That's because beekeepers can summon a swarm of bees. Not just bees, but "near future nano bees," according to Watch Dogs Legion's game director, Kent Hudson.

On the Future Games Show today, Hudson narrated an entire beekeeper recruitment mission from start to finish. You can watch the video above, in which the beekeeper is approached by the player for recruitment. In the ensuing negotiation, the beekeeper says they'll join DedSec if the player destroys research data (related to nano bees, presumably) stolen by military contractor Albion.

Oddly, neither character says anything about the simply ridiculous futuristic neon blue holographic beekeeping veil the beekeeper is wearing. I mean, how do you not ask, at the very least, "Hey, beekeeper, what is up with the ridiculous futuristic neon blue holographic beekeeping veil you're wearing?"

The recruitment mission is a two-parter. First an Albion employee is hacked via security camera for the location of the lab holding the stolen data. Then the player switches to a hooligan character to infiltrate the lab, first by stealth and then by punching and headbutting security guards into submission.

Another interesting tidbit Hudson reveals: if you don't pull guns on your enemies, they won't pull guns on you. If you stick to melee attacks, so will your opponents. Escalation is at your discretion, then, not the enemy characters. That's pretty cool, and will no doubt help players who are interested in a non-lethal playthrough.

Unfortunately the video doesn't show the nano bee swarm in action, but I for one, have just added 'beekeeper' to my rapidly growing list of characters I want to recruit when Watch Dogs Legion comes out in October.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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