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Watch Dogs 2 is getting four-player co-op later this year

Watch Dogs 2 has lots of forthcoming add-on content, and Ubisoft has been kind enough to lay it out for us in the form of a "content roadmap". There's stuff coming as soon as April, including a new PvP team-based mode called Showdown, as well as multiplayer motocross, eKart and drone races.

Meanwhile, in May, the No Compromise DLC pack will release, which adds a new single-player mission in the form of Moscow Gambit, as well as six single-player race time trials (with leaderboards) and a bunch of clothing sets.

It's the June stuff that's most interesting though, in particular support for 4-player parties "to explore the city and play activities together". That presumably doesn't include single-player missions, but instead all the side-quests and races.

The full rundown is available over on the Watch Dogs 2 blog.

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