Watch a Sandworm smash a weird wooden land crawler in a new Last Oasis trailer

Last Oasis is a survival MMO in which players construct weird, walking land-yacht machines and use them to fight over the last hospitable chunk of land on Earth. The specifics are tricky—the Earth has stopped spinning and the Moon disappeared for some reason—but it looks very cool, and the promise of a dynamic map that's always in flux is intriguing, if maybe a little worryingly ambitious.

It was supposed to launch into Steam Early Access this summer, but with August dwindling away developer Donkey Crew has revised the plan by committing to a slightly delayed Early Access date of October 10. The studio said the extra time will enable it to continue working with closed beta players "to optimize and add further polish" to the game prior to opening the doors to everyone.

There's a ring of The Road Warrior in the announcement—"A day now lasts a year, and the only way to survive is to keep moving" is the sort of thing that really deserves to be read in a gravelly Australian accent—but the new trailer is all Dune, courtesy of the appearance of the Sandworm, which makes short work of the walker it catches. 

Luckily for those on board, the second walker sticks around to help out—Ha! Just kidding! He's hauling ass, and I would too. Sorry, bud.

With the Early Access launch pushed back, there may be still time to get into the closed beta: Donkey Crew didn't say whether new applicants are still being accepted but if you want to take a shot you can sign up here.

Andy Chalk

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