Last Oasis is a nomadic MMO coming to Early Access this summer

Last Oasis is a survival MMO set long, long after an apocalypse where the last humans constantly have to outrun the scorching Sun. That's why everyone lives in strange nomadic machines, scurrying across the world on mechanical legs. The exclusive trailer shown off at the PC Gaming Show is wild. Admire the bizarre landships above. 

Developer Donkey Crew announced Last Oasis back in January, making quite the entrance with an incredibly impressive trailer full of massive, colliding behemoths. The new trailer has plenty more fights and crashes, as well as skirmishes between bands of players on the ground, but Last Oasis isn't all warfare. 

Players will need to team up to create these big machines—harvesting, crafting, building bases and then eventually crewing them. You can eschew war entirely and try to make it as a trader, using the player-run economy to make your fortune, or you can become a pirate and prey on other nomads. Like EVE Online, eventually you could be part of an alliance that controls a region and its resources, which you'll then need to protect from other clans. 

Last Oasis will be coming to Early Access on September 3.

Editor's note: This story previously stated full release was coming on September 3.

Fraser Brown
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