Warframe's Fortuna expansion will arrive on PC in November

Steven predicted in early September that the big Warframe expansion Fortuna, which developer Digital Extremes had said would be released in "late summer or early fall," might actually end up coming out in the late fall. And score one for the big brain on Steve, because the studio announced today that it will go live, free for all players, this November. 

The open-world Fortuna will be 4-5 times larger than last year's Plains of Eidolon update, and will add "a different Orokin-infused look, feel, and experience to Warframe's growing universe." Players will take on bounties and missions in the underground internment camp of Fortuna, and "get wicked" across the exotic landscape of Venus on the new K-Drive-powered hoverboard.   

November isn't exactly a to-the-day release date, but Digital Extremes has a habit of not announcing them until they're right on top of us anyway, so we're going with this for now. And it sounds like this will be an expansion worth keeping an eye on: Steven said in his early preview that Fortuna "looks like Warframe's most ambitious expansion yet." 

Andy Chalk

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