War of the Vikings adds Shieldmaidens in first update

Who are you calling

War of the Vikings has released its first update addressing a number of bugs and balance problems, as well as adding two new maps and a new player class: the Shieldmaiden. Though the maps and new player class are available to everyone, a the new Shieldmaiden DLC will be required for anyone hoping to customize the look and style of their new warrior.

The Shieldmaiden is designed to add some defensive depth to the tactics in War of the Vikings. New oversized shields and a special defensive stance make Shieldmaidens perfect for defending choke points. While making female characters available for all is a welcome addition, charging $5/£4 for the privilege of customizing the female avatar, and only her, seems a bit tone-deaf.

New balance tweaks have slowed down bows for all non-archer classes, given axes bonus damage against shields, and a number of other changes that should give different weapons more variety in tactics. New game modes, an addition that I was really hoping would come soon, are not on the list. The two new maps are a nice addition, but without new ways to play on them, my enthusiasm for the game remains a bit diminished .