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Walmart is selling this HP Omen Laptop bundle for $950

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Deals on gaming laptops can be rare, but Cyber Monday changes all that. Right now you can grab an HP Omen gaming laptop at Walmart for just $950 ($450 off). On top of the laptop, Walmart will throw in a free HP mouse and headset for your trouble. This HP Omen gaming laptop isn't on the high end, but is equipped to handle 1080p gaming at 144Hz on its 15-inch screen.

The laptop includes a GTX 1660Ti, which is plenty powerful enough for 1080p, and pairs it with a Core i7-9750H processor. The 16GB of RAM is also a good spec, but the 256GB SSD is small, so you'll definitely need some alternative bulk storage if you're loading this laptop with tons of games. 

While this laptop may not have a lot of storage space, and will definitely drag its feet at resolutions higher than 1080p if you hook it up to an external monitor, it'll give you good mainstream performance. At under $1,000, it's genuinely a deal. Similar laptops go for up to $1,500.

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The HP Omen laptop is relatively portable, despite being heftier than some slimmer models. It weighs in at just over 5 lbs and sports a battery life of around 6 hours. The laptop features 3 USB-A ports—enough real estate for a USB headset, mouse, and controller or keyboard—HDMI and Mini-DP ports for video output, as well as a USB-C and MicroSD card reader. 

HP Omen gaming laptop

This HP Omen gaming laptop offers high-refresh 1080p performance with its 1660Ti and i7-9750H CPU. This deal also includes an HP-branded gaming headset and mouse to round out your gaming experience.   

The 144Hz panel is a great step up of you've been using the old 60Hz standard, and this is the lowest price we've seen on this particular configuration. With Walmart throwing in a headset and mouse for your trouble, it becomes a slightly better deal. (Though we doubt the freebies of are of the highest quality). For more laptop deals and other discounts, check out our guide to the best Cyber Monday PC gaming deals

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