Volume, Infinifactory and Grim Dawn on sale in latest Humble Bundle

A measure of how quickly my year is passing by is how often a new fortnightly Humble Bundle rolls around. While not every single deal is worth raving about, the latest—another Staff Pick, where Humble employees choose both the games and the charitable organisation a portion of the proceeds go to—is pretty good. 

The standard Humble format applies—the pay what you want tier (wherein you must fork over at least $1 to obtain Steam keys) includes stealth puzzler Volume, open-ended programming game TIS-100, and retro-inspired first person dungeon crawler The Legend of Grimrock 2. 

If you're feeling a little more generous, spending over the average total—which, at the time of writing, stands at $3.93 (about £3.16)—also nets you assembly line puzzle game Infinifactory, MMO role player The Secret World, and strategy 'em up Dungeons 2. 

As always, paying a set fee grants you all of the above and an extra game—which in this occasion is $14 (about £11.26) and gets you Crate Entertainment's dark fantasy action RPG Grim Dawn. Humble engineer Nick has chosen this lot and suggests you split your money this time round between the devs, Humble and the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Northern California and Able Gamers—following his own MS diagnosis. 

Nick's Staff Picks Humble Bundle is live right now until December 7. 

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