Visage shows off 22 minutes of PT-inspired horror

In the wake of Hideo Kojima's ill-fated Silent Hills, a number of psychological exploration horror games have since surfaced that echo its first-person P.T. demo. SadSquare Studios' Visage is one such game. Successfully crowdfunded last year, it's now dropped 22 minutes of eerie in-game footage. 

As showcased by the folks at IGN, the below excerpt starts off typically calm, if a little off. Before long, things get increasingly awry, before they go full-blown down-the-rabbit hole-horror. Skip to around the 17.15 mark for that, but I'd recommend watching from the beginning if you have time.

From a slightly more mundane point of view, I like how the game's inventory system is showcased around the two minute mark, whereby the protagonist is juggling items in both hands and within a storage bag. Likewise, being able to test how deep certain drops are by sending your lighter down first is a practical quirk—all of which makes the world the protagonist inhabits seem more credible. 

Visage was originally expected in early 2017, however was later pushed back to a more ambiguous "TBA 2017". More information can be found on the game's Kickstarter page.