Vindictus - King of the Gnolls update out today [Giveaway]

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Uncover the truth behind the Gnoll's attack in Perilous Ruins with Vindictus' newest update, King of the Gnolls. Featuring new dungeons, enemies, armors, skills, and a higher level cap, hop onto the unlocked fourth boat and sail off to the new lands.

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Here's the patch notes for today's update:

Level Cap:

The level cap for all characters has been increased to 44.

Two new dungeons:

Ruins of Sancity

The Ruins of Sanctity is overgrown with vegetation thanks to the frequent rain. Even the strongest warriors will feel a sense of dread from the perpetual gloom that haunts the ruins.

The Prairie Entrance

Wide-open spaces and dangerous traps fill the arid landscape of Prairie Entrance.


  • Large Shield Mastery - Allows you to equip large shields. Large shields are heavy but have very high defense. Smash attacks can be blocked by using Heavy Stander while equipped with a large shield. You cannot counterattack while equipped with a large shield.
  • Lightning Fury - Destroys nearby enemies with an additional attack after Gliding Fury.
  • Alchemy: Create Golem - Uses Alchemy to create Golems. Golems attack enemies for a fixed period of time. You take damage when your Golem is attacked. If you become incapacitated, your golem dies.


New enemies featuring:

  • A new clan of Gnolls
  • Deadly new spiders
  • Giant toads

The new boss monsters are named:

  • Goliath
  • Dim Gray
  • Warchief Black Scar


The weapons system has been updated. All weapons now have 3 additional stats Balance, Critical, and ATK Speed.

  • Balance - This new attribute will determine the range of damage the weapon inflicts. In other words each weapon's damage will vary based on the Balance of it. For example, if a weapon's balance is 80, it will have a chance to inflict between 80% - 100% of total damage.
  • Critical - Determines the chance for a critical hit. Critical rates for weapons will add to the existing critical rates characters have. Please note that critical rates can be increased by various means such as the “Critical Hit” skill and the character's “WIL”.
  • Attack Speed - Weapons speeds will vary from Slow, Normal, and Fast.


New armors and under-armors gives players a new way to outfit their characters.

Chat Spam Prevention

A new chat system has been implemented. This system will temporarily block the chat of those trying to spam in the general chat window.

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In the comments below, detail which monster and what part of their body you would wear in real life. Where would you show off your new glamorous atire? The best responses by 3pm PST, December 2, 2010 will be selected and notified by email.

This contest is open to U.S. residents only.