Vikendi has returned to PUBG with tourist traps and trains

With PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Season 7 out in the wild, Vikendi has returned to the roster of maps. It was taken out of rotation in Season 6, but during that time PUBG Corp has been giving it a lot of love and attention. Now that it's back, you can see what's changed. It's quite a lot. 

PUBG Corp revealed how it was changing things a while back, turning the wee Dino Park into the much more elaborate Dinoland, and introducing a large railway system and nine different trains which, yes, you can ride. There have been tweaks made since then, however, based on feedback from testers. 

There's not as much snow, for instance, but a little bit more than was originally planned. Players felt that the devs had removed too much of the snow, so they've slapped some more onto the map. In the south of the island, you'll find a lot less of it, but there's still quite a bit in the north. Snowbikes and snowmobiles have also been removed, but they've been replaced by motorbikes, with and without side cars. 

Some settlements have been snuffed out of existence, while others have been expanded, and since everyone loves shootouts while surrounded by cargo containers you can now hang out in a new cargo depot.

(Image credit: PUBG Corp)

The most exciting new additions are undoubtedly the new Dinoland and the trains. Sadly there will be no dinosaurs on trains, but you can get around the island in style and then visit a large, abandoned theme park. Dino Park was already great, but now that it's Dinoland it's bigger and just looks more like a real theme park. There's a Ferris wheel, a more elaborate roller coaster and a shopping area full of buildings to hide inside.

The reworked Vikendi will be available in both clear and snowy weather variants, but the moonlight version will return at a later date after PUBG Corp has gussied it up with some visual improvements.

To show your love for the new park, you can dress up your survivor in new costumes that include Dinoland employee apparel and, much more tempting, some dino mascots. Some rewards are locked behind the premium Survivor Pass, but you'll also be able to net yourself some goodies without splashing out. Everyone can participate in community missions and unlock videos, rewarding them with new skins. In total, there are four kinds of missions: community, season, progression and challenge, each with various tracks and rewards for free and paying survivors.  

Check out the full list of changes and bug fixes over on the official patch notes.

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