Vermintide 2 rolls out first batch of Sanctioned Mods

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 has rolled out its first batch of officially approved mods. Known as Sanctioned Mods, 11 player-made project have been greenlit by developer Fatshark—playable in the game's Official Realm. 

As detailed by Jody here, Vermintide 2 has now been split into an Official Realm and a Modded Realm. The dev explains this ensures unmodded players will "never be exposed to mods that affect their experience unless they have chosen to." The first wave includes a number of UI nips and tucks, a bestiary and a reworked version of the original Vermintide's Mod Framework. 

Badwin's StickyGrim sounds helpful: "Ever dropped a grimoire by mistake while flailing through your inventory trying to get that panic 'nade thrown at that incoming chaos patrol? Well, then StickyGrim might be for you. It requires you to hold down the mouse button to drop the grim so you don’t do it by mistake as easily."

Fatshark notes the exact criteria for Sanctioned Mods is likely to evolve over time, "as we explore this new space." At present, the dev says approved projects should never affect players' experiences unless they've chosen to, and they should never give players a significant advantage over unmodded players. Likewise, mods that datamine or enable in-development features won't make the cut. 

"If we’re working on a feature and some modder finds it and manages to activate it, you’re free to try it out in the Modded Realm," explains Fatshark, "but we won’t sanction that mod, you’ll have to wait for it to get finished before it’s released."

More on all of that can read here and here. Sactioned Mods follow Vermintide 2's Photomode mod, which lets you pose your own Warhammer art.