Warhammer: Vermintide 2 gets mod support, daily quests, and more hats

A new update to Warhammer 2: Vermintide, the co-op FPS about a rodent infestation that's gotten really out of hand, adds new daily quests and challenges to the game, more hats, skins, and potrait frames, and—this is the big part—support for mods via the Steam Workshop. Accessible from the Vermintide 2 community hub, the Vermintide 2 workshop already has mods including a weapon kill counter, a collection of UI improvements, and one that enables the Fatshark intro screen (with all due respect to the studio's work) to be skipped. 

Mod use will be enabled in a separate "Modded Realm" that can be selected from the Vermintide 2 launcher. It's "no holds barred" for mods and custom content, Fatshark said, but it will not award new item drops, enable challenge or quest completion, or grant experience. The studio does have plans for 'sanctioned mods,' however, which will be allowed on the Official Realm. That's expected to happen sometime in the summer. 

"Since Warhammer: Vermintide 2 contains progression systems, we cannot allow mods that 'cheat' or make the game easier in ways that go against our design philosophy," Fatshark explained in a mod creation guide

"The type of mods we will allow (sanctioned mods) are quality of life mods, certain UI mods and similar. We will look at these on a case by case basis and give them sanctioned status where applicable. This means that they will be whitelisted in our anti-cheat software and anyone can use them in the official realm. Mods that do not meet the criteria can still be used, however, progression will not be saved server side and they can only be used on the Modded Realm." 

Also in the update: Okri's Challenges, a set of daily quests and challenges that provide loot chests, skins, hats, and portrait frames as rewards, and an increase in the number and drop rates of hats and other cosmetics. "We feel like there is a good amount of cosmetic and unique looking items right now—and we're happy with the current rate at which they drop," Fatshark wrote.  "So to those of you who have been hoarding chests—you're free to open them now. We're not planning on changing the drop rates for these chests further." 

And finally, there some some tweaks and bug fixes, details of which are available on Steam

Andy Chalk

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