Vermintide 2 is getting another free level

Fatshark promised to have a team continue working on Vermintide 2 alongside development of Darktide, and has stuck to that promise. In November it added a new level called Trail of Treachery for free alongside a collection of premium cosmetics called Absent Friends, and a patch that addressed a couple of outstanding bugs and brought Vermintide 2's hefty download size down by 25 GB.

The party continues with Tower of Treachery, another free map that will continue the story begun in Trail of Treachery. Turns out that Sienna Fuegonasus, the resident pyromancer of the Ubersreik Five, has a twin sister named Sofia who is the black sheep of the family, by which I mean a necromancer. Sofia has taken over an old tower belonging to Olesya, the spooky lady who transports you to and from each of Vermintide's map, so it's time to climb a tower full of magical traps and illusions.

Sound familiar? Tower of Treachery will be a homage to Wizard's Tower, a much-liked level from the original Vermintide set in an illusionist's home. It might also be paving the way for a DLC adding a fourth career for Sienna, who remains the only member of the Ubersreik Five yet to receive one.

The Vermintide blog has also continued adding lore updates via the Chronicles of Hedda Bardinsdottir, excerpts from the journal of Bardin's daughter. The latest, which is called Green, Giggly, and Disgusting, deals with Nurglings. The roly-poly little daemons of Nurgle were part of Vermintide 2's Halloween event last year, maybe they're about to make a comeback?

Tower of Treachery will be available as a free update on March 28. Work continues on Darktide as well, with the latest Community Comm-Link mentioning that an update planned for later this month will add some more weapons, including the ‍Ironhelm Mk IV Thunder Hammer and Deimos Mk II Blaze Force Sword, as well as more conditions to modify levels, in addition to "a large number of bug fixes and improvements."

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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