Where to find onion seeds in Valheim

Valheim onion seeds
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Where can you find onion seeds in Valheim? Onion seeds were added in the Valheim Hearth and Home update, which no doubt has you busily upgrading your kitchen and fort with all the new cooking station upgrades and building pieces and Viking hot tubs. And along with the changes to how health and stamina works, there are some new foods and recipes to cook.

But if you want to do some onion farming and cook new meals that require onions, you'll first need to find Valheim's onion seeds. And they're probably not where you'd expect.

Valheim onion seeds: Where to find them

Forget searching the grassy or forest biomes hoping to spot a new kind of plant. Valheim's onion seeds won't be found on the ground or near anything green. You need to head to the Mountains biome.

In the Mountains keep your eyes peeled for stone structures like ruined castle towers or stone wall enclosures. They're often populated with skeletons or draugrs. Inside these little stone forts you'll sometimes find a chest, and sometimes that chest will contain onion seeds. The onion seeds are black in appearance.

Once you're safely back home, you can plant your onion seeds and grow some onions! Here's a little refresher on how to plant seeds in Valheim with the cultivator. So far we've spotted a couple recipes for onions.

  • Onion soup (3 onions)
  • Wolf skewer (1 wolf meat, 2 mushroom, 1 onion)

There are certainly a few more still to be found, so we'll update this piece when we've discovered new uses for Valheim's onions.

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