Valheim Mistlands Queen: How to find the powerful new boss monster

Valheim Mistlands Queen boss
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The Valheim Mistlands Queen is the new boss that arrived with the Mistlands update, which is out now. But finding the Queen's location on your map and entering her lair to confront her is going to take a lot of exploration, resource gathering, and crafting in the dangerous and misty new biome.

For anyone who has battled the other five Valheim bosses, the process of locating Valheim's new boss, the Queen, will mostly be familiar, but there's a new wrinkle when it comes to actually getting the chance to beat her. The other bosses need to be located and summoned with certain items placed in their altars, but the Queen works a little differently. Spoiler alert: There is an image of the Queen at the end of the second section of this guide, so if you want to be completely surprised, turn back now.

How to find the Queen

Valheim Mistlands Queen: How to find the Mistlands boss

Finding the location of the Mistlands Queen is similar to pinpointing the other Valheim bosses. You'll need to locate a stone tablet with runes on it, and interacting with that stone will add an icon showing the Queen's location to your map.

In the Mistlands, you need to hunt through the foggy continent for an infested mine, a new type of dungeon. Infested mines can appear in a few different ways from the outside, and it's tricky to even spot them unless you've already got a Valheim Wisplight to break through the heavy mist. 

The entrance to an infested mine may be a stairway leading up to a tunnel in the rocks usually guarded by several seekers, the giant insects of the Mistlands. An infested mine may also be under an abandoned dvergr fort, which looks a lot like inhabited forts except there are no Wisplights guiding you to them. The entrance to the infested mine inside an abandoned fort can be found via a spiral staircase leading down from the center.

Valheim Mistlands Queen boss

Boss marker found in infested mine (Image credit: Iron Gate Studio)

Once you're in an infested mine, you'll need to explore it fully. There are often dvergr gates you can click on to open, secret dvergr passages marked with runes you can click on to access, boarded up passages you can smash open with a weapon, and more staircases you can take deeper down into the mine. Expect to fight seekers, ticks, and seeker brood grubs as you hunt for the boss marker. It will look similar to markers used to find previous bosses.

Not every infested mine will contain a boss marker, so you may need to search through several before you find one. Once you interact with the marker, the Queen's location will be added to your map.

How to unlock the door

Valheim Mistlands boss: How to unlock the Queen's door

The Queen's locked door (Image credit: Iron Gate Studio)

Travel to the Queen's location on your map—it will be in a Mistlands biome, though not necessarily the same one you found the marker in—and you'll find a black marble fort with a huge door, plus glowing runestones next to it, telling you the door has been sealed. You'll need to craft a key called Sealbreaker to enter the Queen's lair.

To craft the key you'll need nine sealbreaker fragments, which you can find in the same types of infested lairs you found the marker in. Sealbreaker fragments are usually contained in glass or crystal on a podium you can smash to obtain them. You'll also need the new crafting station, the Galdr table, which you can unlock once you've created refined eitr in the Eitr refinery, to craft the Sealbreaker key. With the key crafted and in your inventory, you can interact with the queen's door to open it.

A seakbreaker fragment in an infested mine (Image credit: Iron Gate Studios)

Be aware then when you enter the lair the Queen will already be awake and ready to fight. She does not need to be summoned like other Valheim bosses, so be sure you're ready for combat the moment you step into her lair. The Queen's lair is huge, dark, and has many wide staircases leading up several levels, with wide walkways on each level. You'll also encounter scores of seeker brood that will hatch when your walk near them, and the lair will be filled with mist so have a Wisplight with you.

The Queen is an enormous insect, with four large claw-like arms, huge mandibles, and a slug-like body she slithers around with. Despite her great size, she moves and lunges very quickly. Wearing a feather cape will be useful so you can jump off ledges and safely float down to lower levels, while she will have to use the long stairwells to follow you through the lair.

Valheim Mistlands boss, the Queen (Image credit: Iron Gate Studio)

What the Queen drops

The Queen's drops

After defeating the Queen, she will drop a trophy which can be placed at the starting stones in the very center of the map. Placing the Queen's trophy will give you a new power, also called "The Queen." When activated, The Queen's power gives you:

  • Faster mining
  • +100% Eitr regeneration

The Queen also drops a resource simply called "Queen drop," a pink glowing resource that currently has no use. Like "Yagluth things" had no use before they became "torn spirits" in the Mistlands update, the purpose for the Queen drops most likely won't be known until another future Valheim update. In the meantime, store them somewhere back at your base.

How to resummon the Queen

How to resummon the Queen

(Image credit: Iron Gate Studio)

After defeating the Queen, if you want to resummon her, you'll need to locate the Hive seat in her lair, which is an altar typically found on the uppermost level. To respawn her, you'll need to place three seeker soldier trophies into the Hive seat, and she will respawn close by so you can try to defeat her again to earn another trophy and more drops.

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