Valheim has a VR mod now

Viking survive-em-up Valheim already has a pretty good first-person mod, and now there's a mod for virtual reality as well. The work of Brandon Mousseau, VHVR is currently experimental, but you can download it to try for yourself. VHVR is designed for seated play with mouse-and-keyboard, and there's no option for a third-person view, but motion control support is in the works.

You'll still be able to play in multiplayer whether your friends are using the VR mod or not, but you will need to turn off anti-aliasing and bloom, and it's suggested you turn off motion blur as well. To get it working, grab the BepInEx framework, then follow the instructions at VHVR's NexusMods page.

Valheim joins a long list of flatscreen games that have gained VR functionality thanks to modders, like Alien: Isolation, Crysis, Half-Life 2, and basically every first-person shooter from the 1990s.

Here are the best Valheim mods.

Jody Macgregor
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