Valheim: How to craft Flesh Rippers and give your Viking a set of Wolverine claws

Valheim Flesh Rippers claws worn by Viking
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Valheim Stagbreaker war hammer

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Valheim Flesh Rippers are a set of deadly claws you can craft to turn your Viking into the Norse version of Wolverine. The weapon arrived in the Valheim frost caves update, and to find the resources to forge your own you'll have to brave those icy dungeons you can now find in the Mountains biomes.

The Flesh Rippers are considered an unarmed attack, so if you've been building up your skill at fighting with just your fists, you can now put some real deadly force behind your punches. In addition to doing slash damage comparable to the iron sword, the Flesh Rippers also provide the same backstab damage multiplier as knives. The real selling point of the rippers might be the 6x parry bonus multiplier, which is twice that of a polearm.

Plus, it's just cool to run around the Viking afterlife with three long, dangerous looking claws extending from the backs of your hands. To gather the resources you need to craft them, head into the Mountains and start looking for frost caves and silver mines.

Valheim Flesh Rippers: How to craft them

Here are the resources required:

  • Fenris hair x10
  • Fenris claw x6
  • silver x10

You will need to have these resources in your inventory and use them at a Forge that's been upgraded to level 3.

Fenris hair and Fenris claws can be found in frost caves in the Mountains biome, as a drop from killing the ulv enemy and also found on altars or in random chambers. Wolf pelts are dropped by wolves in the Mountains. Silver ore can be mined in the Mountains biome and placed in a smelter to create silver.

Valheim Flesh Rippers: Stats and effects

Flesh Rippers count as an unarmed attack so they're perfect for pairing with the Valheim Fenris armor set, which gives your unarmed skill a +15 bonus (up to the level cap of 100). The Flesh Rippers also give a big boost to parry and backstab.

Weight: 2.0
Durability: 300
Slash: 60
Use stamina: 10
Block armor: 5
Block force: 10
Parry bonus: 6x
Knockback: 20
Backstab: 6x

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