Untitled Goose Game goose gets jerkier, strips town of all valuable objects

(Image credit: House House | YouTuber: TerakJK)

I was fed up with the jerk goose: I was determined never to write about the bastard again. But the creature's supreme malice has struck in yet another novel way, because now it's managed to completely strip a small township of all moveable objects (including, I should add, all signs forbidding the presence of geese).

Youtuber TerakJK (via Kotaku) is, by extension, the one responsible for this feat. It's not actually every object in town: the gardener's hat and hammer are missing, and the delivery woman broke two mugs during the process. Still, every other object has been taken, and it took seven hours to do so. 

As you'll see if you watch the video below, the goose has dragged all of the objects into the vicinity of a giant hole. Which just goes to show the unfathomable evil of this goose, I guess.

Shaun Prescott

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