Unclaimed prizes EU mega-giveaway


As those who pay attention to This Week's Winners will know, people don't always claim the prizes we give away. Surprisingly often people win something with a witty comment but never tell us where they live so we can mail it to them. Well we gave them a fair chance, now we're giving away all prizes that have remained unclaimed for more than four weeks.

Click through for a list of prizes and a question.

We are giving away:

  • Starcraft: Wings of Liberty Special Edition
  • Men of War: Assault Squad Special Edition
  • Tales of Monkey Island Collectors Edition
  • Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Special Edition
  • Metro 2033 (comes with Red Faction Guerilla free)
  • Left4Dead 2
  • Tron Wireless Gamepads
  • Wrath of the Lich King Soundtrack
  • World of Warcraft and Starcraft stickers
  • Starcraft Badges

To win, answer me this question one:

"Why do you deserve free games?"

Stick your answer in the comments below and the funniest one will win a prize. If you have a preference for the prizes feel free to state it, but we reserve the right to send you something at random if we don't have any left.

You have until next Friday. Check your forum messages and This Week's Winners to see if you won. This competition is only available to those who live in Europe.

We're also giving away some more unclaimed prizes to members of our guilds and in-game communities. To see what's on offer, check your forum in Play with PC Gamer .

If you win, get in contact with your name and address. We don't want to have to give your winnings away for a third time.