Updated: Umbrella Corps releasing June 21

Umbrella Corps

Update: As suspected, Umbrella Corps is delayed everywhere, but now we have a firm release date to share: June 21 is the day things get messy in the West.

Original: Umbrella Corps, the entry-level competitive shooter from the makers of Resident Evil, has been delayed in Japan according to a report by Famitsu (here, if your Japanese is up to the task). Originally due May 12, Japanese players can now expect it June 23 as Capcom applies more polish.

The West never had a release date beyond 'May', but as it will be more than a month late in the mother land, I wouldn't be surprised to see our release window shoved well back too. More time to get our heads around the concept of a Resident Evil team shooter, I suppose. Tom was keen on the pace and ease of entry during his hands-on, but the to me the inclusion of zombie cannon-fodder felt more like a Resi reskin than a necessary mechanic.