Ultimate Christmas Giveaway: Skyrim Collector's Edition

Skyrim competition thumb

Update - This competition is now closed. Check out our Steelseries Bundle giveway instead.

Welcome to the PC Gamer Ultimate Christmas Giveaway ! This is the biggest competition we've ever done: packed with peripherals, games, and exclusive items signed by some very important people. Why are we doing this? Because it's Christmas! And we love you.

The Ultimate Christmas giveaway will run until Christmas Eve. Every day we'll be posting about a new prize that's up for grabs, and you'll have 24 hours after the time of publishing to enter. Sadly, we're only able to open this competition to UK residents.

Sometimes it seems that everyone in the world is playing Skyrim, but, hard as it is to believe, there are some people who haven't had the chance yet. Don't worry, you poor unfortunately people, we've got your back. We're giving away a collectors edition of Skyrim. Yes, that's the £130 collector's edition with the awesome model dragon you see above, plus some extra goodies sent to us from the folks at Bethesda.

Check inside for the full details of what's on offer and how to win it.

Here's what you could win:

A Skyrim collector's edition, that contains:

  • A copy of Skyrim (duh)
  • An awesome dragon statue
  • An art book
  • A 'making of' Skyrim DVD

But we're also throwing in:

  • Three Skyrim t-shirts
  • A Skyrim poster
  • Skyrim soundtrack
  • Set of Skyrim postcards

To win all this, simply answer this question.

I want you to make up a dragon shout. You know the rules, three syllables, what they mean and what it does. Example: In Skyrim, Fus (force) Ro (balance) Dah (push) knocks people flying backwards. Now you make one, only funnier.

f you win, you'll get a private message via the forums. Let us know your address and we'll send you your prizes shortly after Christmas. Remember, this competition is open to UK readers only. Also, if you don't claim your prize within three weeks of being notified we'll offer it to someone else. Full terms and conditions can be found here .

May the nine watch over you readers. Be sure to check back tomorrow at 4.30 for the next big competition, which will involve maximum WASD.