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X Rebirth trailer wants to make an explosive impression for launch

Okay folks, we're going to have to be careful here. Obviously we all know that X Rebirth is a game that combines space combat with trading, mining and exploration. But, as we've seen time and again with launch trailers, Egosoft really don't want people to be thinking about slow financial progress and the diligent collection of minerals as they're contemplating whether to buy the game. Let's just play along, and enjoy the lasers and explosions on show.

Wow, everybody. Whaddabout them pretty explosions? *WINK*

Right, we should be safe down here. If you've not seen what else X Rebirth has hidden inside its endless void, previous developer updates have covered exploration and scanning , and mining and trading .

X Rebirth will emerge from its hanger tomorrow, the 15th November.

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