X Rebirth trailer explains trading and mining

Egosoft's new video for X Rebirth may be less immediately spectacular than the debut trailer, but there's still plenty to be excited about in this ten minute examination of the space sim's economy, trading and mining systems. It details a universe in which every action ties back into the overarching economy, and where large scale trades cause a fleet of drones unload your cargo in real time.

"In the trade world of X Rebirth, countless variables impact each of these factors," states the description. "Prices and the economy can and will be influenced by pirates, warring factions disrupting supply routes, broken station power units, shot-down freighters, good relations with merchants, and the list goes on... For example, if a player directs his aggression at a freighter, he can be sure that his action will make prices rise or delay production elsewhere."

It all sounds rather promising. If you're less interested in the minutiae of space economy, here's the previous, less business-focused trailer:

X Rebirth is due out on November 15th.

Phil Savage

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